You Don’t Need Hard copy Documents for Passport Now!

Government’s Digi-locker App helps you for paperless services for passport.

This app is very useful for Indians, which allows keeping essential papers all the time like their online Adhaar card and other important documents. With the latest update of this app, it’s been announced that the app will soon let the users submit the necessary documents needed for passport creation in paperless mode. This will reduce the headache of carrying papers handy.

Integration between the Digilocker app and the ‘Passport Seva Programme’ will make availing passport services less of a hassle. Additionally, since most users will always have their phones with them, the Digilocker app could be a quick and handy substitute for the original passport documents.

Joining between the Digilocker application and the ‘Passport Seva Program’ will make availing passport services an easy task. Furthermore, since most clients will consistently have their cellphone with them, the Digilocker application could be a brisk and helpful substitute for the first identification records. “We are also working towards rolling out e-passports for the citizens that are designed to increase security, making it more difficult to tamper with the data recorded on a passport, thereby limiting the chances of fraud,” Muraleedharan said.

In the coming years, biometric passports would help improve immigration processes at airports that are equipped with automatic e-passport gates”, the ministry of external affairs, Union minister V Muraleedharan on Friday said.

What is Digilocker ?

Digilocker is an application accessible for cell phones that offers you to incorporate your Aadhaar account with the application, permitting you to pull and save significant records related to your social ID. These would then be able to create and appear voluntarily, at whatever point and any place users require them. Digilocker upholds a scope of archives, from users all kinds of documents. Digilocker likewise turned into an authority option in contrast to the physical Driving License card back in September 2019, permitting clients to show their license through the application rather than the original card. Presently, with the expansion of visas in the blend, Digilocker could be an unquestionable requirement have for regular global explorers who could utilize the application to stay away from any identification-related entanglements abroad.

Benefits of DigiLocker :

Benefits to Citizens :

  • Important Documents Anytime, Anywhere!
  • Authentic Documents, Legally at Par with Originals.
  • Digital Document Exchange with the consent of the citizen.
  • Faster service Delivery- Government Benefits, Employment, Financial Inclusion, Education, Health.

Benefits to Agencies :

  • Reduced Administrative Overhead: Aimed at the concept of paperless governance. It reduces the administrative overhead by
  • minimizing the use of paper and curtailing the verification process.
    Digital Transformation: Provides trusted issued documents. Issued Documents available via DigiLocker are fetched in real-time directly from the issuing agency.
    Secure Document Gateway: Acts as a secure document exchange platform like payment gateway between a trusted issuer and
  • trusted Requester/Verifier with the consent of the citizen.
    Real-Time Verification: Provides a verification module enabling government agencies to verify data directly from issuers after obtaining user consent.

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