What are some amazing websites 2022?

Radio Garden

Are you tired of the same old radio station? And want a little change? We will tell you about an amazing site where you can listen to any radio in the world in just one click. You can listen to radios from every corner of the world and the fantastic thing is that you don’t even need earphones to enjoy the music. I bet you, This website will change your mood and you will get a peaceful experience. Try it now with the below steps.

Steps :

  • Go to google
  • Type radio garden
  • Just click on the first link
  • Press play to start the radio garden
  • Put the circle on the green dot of any area
  • The radio station will start playing

How to add any radio station to your favorite list?

  • Just tap on the name of the radio station
  • Select it and tap on the heart
  • Now it’s added to your favorite list

What are some amazing websites?

Here is the list..


Supercook is a website where you can put any Ingredients and dozens of delicious dish will be ready on the page with same ingredients. Many times it happens that you have leftovers and you are not sure of what to make, this site will help you to make best out of leftovers. It gives you recipes that match the ingredients you entered.

Learn how you can search for the best recipes.

Steps :

  • Open the search bar and type super cook
  • Open the website
  • Click on pantry
  • Select the ingredients
  • Click on the three dots on the right top corner
  • Copy your ingredients to the clipboard
  • Past it in the search bar
  • Click on search
  • Now the site will build your menu
  • See all
  • Tap on any menu you wish to check
  • Click on view full recipe

How do I find amazing websites?

Just go through the below article

What can I google when I am bored?

Just try out these amazing websites.

Pointer Pointer

social media has become the most distracting tool, especially for the youth and A new online popular time waster tool is now introduced. The website had over a million visits in the first four days of operation.The concept is very simple and effective. A picture of someone pointing at the white arrow on your screen emerges when you move your cursor anywhere on the screen and keep it there for a short period of time (the load time lag was intentionally made). When you move the pointer to the new location again the image of someone posing and pointing at the arrow will appear on the screen.
So try this funny website and share your experience with us.


  • Go to google search bar
  • Search for pointer pointer
  • Open the web
  • Tap anywhere on the screen

What is the most fun website??

Are you bored and looking for some funny websites? Just check out this article and enjoy your day.

Endless Horse

You’re in for a surprise if you thought that websites had lengthy pages that seemed to go on forever no matter how far you scrolled down. Simply scroll on..this is endless
Try now…

Prank your Friends

Just because you own a computer, do your relatives think that you’re a hacker? So you shouldn’t disappoint them. Keep this website open whenever your family visits, and start typing.

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