Clubhouse Removes Personal Information From Afghan Accounts

Famous audio chat app Clubhouse have deleted some data to protect its Afghan User Accounts during the Taliban takeover.

The Clubhouse social audio app has joined other social platforms to take action to protect the privacy and security of Afghan Users. Earlier this week, the platform reset tens of thousands of Afghan user-profiles and photos and made their accounts harder to find on searches. A spokesperson for the Clubhouse said these actions do not affect the user’s subscribers.

“Clubhouse has also been reminding its Afghan users that it does allow pseudonyms for human rights or safety purposes,” the report stated.

As the Taliban take control of Kabul, people across the country are deleting photos from their cellphones. Also from social media accounts for fear of a Taliban backlash.

Facebook has announced that it has created a one-click tool. The tool will lock user accounts in Afghanistan. Restricting user’s visibility through a search tool. They provided instructions to Afghan Instagram users to follow if they want to protect their data and privacy.

The rest of the social networks have also taken steps to secure their users. Twitter apparently working with the Internet Archive to speed up the deletion process of archived tweets of Afghan User Accounts. LinkedIn temporarily removing the ability to view any archived tweets and any user login information in Afghanistan.

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