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What is SSL Certificate : SSL stands for secure sockets layer, It make encrypted request travel over the internet. it is important in the world of internet to safeguard connection between two systems. with this you can prevent cyber criminal to fail to make changes in the request made from system.

Why it is important for your website : There are two reason which made you enable SSL certificate in your website.

  1. SSL certificate encrypt your data to protect your website request, such as credit card details, phishing scams, data breaches etc
  2. Your visitor can see that you are authenticate seller by looking lock sign at your site URL.

How to get the certificate : There are many vendors who sell the SSL certificate. e.g. Godaddy Thawte, DigiCert etc.

Here I will tell you how you can get the SSL certificate without paying any cost.

Steps to get FREE SSL certificate.

1. Go to SSL Certificate Website.

2. Enter Domainname

3. Once you click next it will ask you to register into the website.

4. After Registration you have to log in and click on “New Certificate”

5. Enter the domain name and click next.

6. Select a 90-Day Certificate and click Next.

7. enable Auto-Generate CSR and click the next step.

8. Select the FREE plan from the list and click the next step.

9. Verify your domainname by selecting any method.

In my case I’m using HTTP file upload method to verify the domain name, you can also use email verification and DNS.

10. After performing step 9, verify your domain name.

11. Now you can download the certificate and upload it into your Cpanel.

12. Before installing the certificate.

13. After Installing Certificate.

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