Plugged In, Not Charging: How To Solve This Problem In Laptops?

Today we will tell about the frequent problem of Plugged In but not charging in laptop.

Many of you face this problem with laptops. And you do not understand why this is happening all of a sudden. And you feel that now the laptop needs repairing. But today we are going to tell you how to solve this problem sitting at home.

Plugged In but not charging There are many reasons for this problem. Such as the problem of laptop battery or power cable. Apart from this, the laptop does not charge even due to the problem with the charging cord. You can solve these problems yourself.

Check Power cable :when the laptop only shows plugged in.

 First of all, check your power cable and adapter. If there is a problem with the power cable, then the laptop does not charge. Separate the power cable and adapter and keep them aside for a few seconds. Connect the two again. And plugged in the charger. Your laptop will start charging.

Check laptop Battery:

  • First of all, if your laptop has a removable battery, then you should remove it. leave it out for a while. Turn on the laptop and plug in the charging cable. If plugged-in and charging are showing, then there is a problem with the battery. Maybe, Your laptop battery is dead. Now you need a new battery.
  • If it is still not charging then there may be a problem with the charging cord or power cable.

Check Drivers Settings:

  • Turn on the laptop. And click on the Windows button.
  • After that click on Control Panel. And select the option of Hardware and Sound.
  • A window will open in that Device Manager option in Devices and Printers. Clicking on Device Manager will open a window.
  • After clicking on Battery Settings, two options will open Microsoft AC Adapter and Microsoft ACPI-Complain Control Method Battery. Right-click on each option and go to Uninstall option.
  • Don’t worry, restarting the laptop will reinstall both drivers.
  • Then restart the laptop and plugged the charger into the cord.
  • Now click on the battery symbol on the right side of the laptop. Plugged in and Charging will appear.

This means that your laptop will start charging again.

If there is a problem with your charger even after these simple steps, then you should contact the service center of the company. Some laptops like Dell, HP have a removable battery but not in keep in mind if your laptop has a removable battery or not, make sure to confirm it.

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