MG Astor SUV: With the first Virtual Assistant

MORRIS GARAGES will soon launch its MG Astor SUV which has its own AI-based virtual assistant. Yes, for the first time in India a car that will have its own voice assistant. So far, many car manufacturers use only Apple’s Siri or Google Voice Assistant in cars. But in India ‘MG’ is the first car maker company to use its virtual assistant in SUV Astor.

It is an assistant working on voice commands. This device is capable to tell about news, jokes, festival, etc. Also, it will answer the common question as well. There is an Indian language answering voice assistant who will provide personal help to the driver. To use it just have to say “Hello Astor”.s well. Most of the assistant is not in physical form, but it is like a device. it can also turn the head. The ‘MG Astor’ also has a screen and a microphone. It will work on natural language processing and natural understanding techniques.

Now know what are virtual assistants?

Virtual assistants are software programs that work with voice commands. This type of device or program has artificial intelligence so that it works on the command of the people. They can talk like a human. They give answers to our questions.

You have already heard about Google Assistant and ‘Apple’s Siri’.These are the most famous Virtual Assistants. There are more virtual assistants in the market. You can ask questions to the voice assistant, check the weather, set reminders for your day-to-day work.

Some of the famous voice assistants are as follows :

Google Assistant: Launched in 2012 under the name ‘Google Now’.It is available on all Android phones. It helps in sending messages, scheduling meetings and giving directions, etc.

Siri: Apple’s virtual voice assistant. Made for iPhone.Siri helps to make calls, give directions in the car, send messages, give reminders, etc.

Braina: Made by the Brainsoft company. This is the virtual digital assistant of Windows PC. It works on voice commands.

Blackberry Assistant: Digital Assistant with AI. It gives the result by taking voice commands.

Alexa: Amazon Alexa is one of the most famous digital assistants. it gives weather information, plays songs, helps with ordering from Amazon on voice command.

Bixby Assistant: Samsung’s virtual assistant. It is an AI-based program. Not only mobile phones but Samsung is also being used in other devices of the company.

Apart from these, there are many useful voice assistants such as Hound, Facebook, Cortana, Dotbot, etc.

Because of these digital assistants, our life has become easier. To give reminders or directions while driving. Whether to give weather information or the latest news, these assistants provide us all the information. These assistants save our typing time. And because of understanding human language, our work has also become easier. And in the field of this digital assistant, ‘MG Astor’ will prove to be a milestone for the Indian automobile sector.

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