Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded error

When you are running a website, It may throws you an error “Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded error” at home screen, The loading of the website on your browser will download all required files/ configuration etc. such as Java scripts, Json, html pages.

so when you load website in your browser it may encounter Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded error because your script loading time is exceeded.

Each website’s loading time is different and it is also depends on how developer has created, sometime if one of the file takes time to load the file, it may failed with error Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded.

Possible Reasons :

1. Website Bad Code

2. Issue with SSL Certificate

3. Network slowness

Solution : In order to solve this error you should either look into above mentioned problems and rectify it Or change the script execution time more than 60 Secs.

For WordPress Website : Edit file wp-config.php:

Add the following to wp-config.php:


For non-WordPress Website : Edit file .htaccess:

Make sure you back up .htaccess before you edit it. 

Add the following to .htaccess:

php_value max_execution_time 300

PhP Based Website: Editing php.ini

Add the following to php.ini:

max_execution_time = 300

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