LG Inverter AC error code part-1

If there is a fault on any LG Universal unit, a two-digit number will appear on the remote controllers led
display. If the unit does not have a remote controller the fault will be displayed using the LED’s on the front of
the indoor unit. (Lg ac)

Units Digit (Red) Tens Digit (Green)

The “Units” digit of the fault code is shown by the power led which has the following symbol by it
This is usually Red, but on a few models it is Green.

The “Tens” digit will be displayed by one other led, usually the “Sleep” or “Filter” lamp.

Error Indicator in lg ac:

  • The function provides self-diagnosis and displays an error code if there is any trouble.
  • Error codes are displayed on the Indoor unit’s Wired Remote as CH**, and/or Fascia Display. In addition, the code is indicated via LED’s on the outdoor unit control board.
  • If more than two troubles occur simultaneously, the lower number of error code is displayed first.
  • After an error occurs, if error is released, error LED is also released simultaneously.

Indoor Unit Faults lg ac:

ContentsCase of errorIndoor
01Air sensor (open/short)Open / Short circuitOff
02Inlet pipe sensorOpen / Short circuit Off
03Communication(Indoor ↔ Wired
Communication PoorlyOff
04Drain pump / Float switchFloat switch Open circuit (High level water
05Communication(Indoor ↔ Outdoor)Communication PoorlyOff
06Outlet pipe sensorOpen / Short circuitOff
07Different operation modeIndoor units set in different operation modesOff
09Checksum ErrorDefective PCB or EEPROM ConnectionsOff
10BLDC Motor Fan Lock (Indoor)Fan Motor or PCB DefectiveOff
HLHard Lock (Controlled by External Source)Controlled by Dry Contact or Central ControllerOff
CLChild Lock Function selectedNot an error, press Timer & Min buttons
simultaneously for 3 seconds to toggle On/Off
PoJet Cool Mode selectedNot an error, press Jet Cool button to toggle

Outdoor Unit Faults can also be read from the outdoor unit PCB using the flashing LED’s as below for lg ac:

21IPM Fault (Compressor Over current)2 times1 timeCompressor malfunction, IPM
22CT 2 (Max. Current)2 times2 timesCurrent is 14A ↑Off
23DC Link Low Volt.2 times3 timesDC Link volt. Is 140V ↓Off
24Low / High Pressure2 times4 timesLow / High press switch OPENLow / High press switch OPENOff
25AC Low / AC High Volts.2 times5 timesAbnormal AC volt. Input.Off
26DC Compressor Position2 times6 timesOff
27PSC Fault (Reactor)2 times7 timesOff
28DC Link High Volts2 times8 times Off Off
29COMP Over Current2 times9 timesInverter Compressor input
current is over 30A
32Discharge Pipe Temp. High (INV)3 times2 timesD-Pipe Temp (Inv.) >105°COff
33Discharge Pipe Temp. High (Cons.)3 times3 timesD-Pipe Temp (Const) >105°COff
39Communication Error3 times9 timesCommunication Error
Between PFC and INV PCB’s
40CT Circuit4 timesCT Circuit malfunctionOff
41D-Pipe sensor INV. (Open/Short)4 times1 timeOpen / Short circuit.Off
44Air sensor (Open/Short)4 times4 timesOpen / Short circuitOff
45Cond. Pipe Sensor (Open/Short)4 times5 timesOpen / Short circuitOff
46Suction Pipe Sensor (Open/Short)4 times6 timesOpen / Short circuitOff
47D-pipe Sensor Cons. (Open/Short)4 times7 timesOpen / Short circuitOff
48D-Pipe & Air Sensor (Open)4 times8 timesDual Sensor unpluggedOff
51Over Capacity5 times1 timesOver Load CombinationOff
52Communication Error (Main micom
↔ Sub micom)
5 times2 timesOver Load CombinationOff
53Communication Error (Indoor ↔
5 times3 timesPoor/Loss of CommunicationOff
54Outdoor 3-Phase Power Supply
Reverse Phase / Missing Phase
5 times4 timesIncorrect WiringOff
60EEPROM Check Sum6 timesCheck Sum Mis-MatchOff
61Cond. Pipe Sensor Temp. High6 times1 timeCond. Temp. HighOff
62Heat Sink Sensor Temp. High6 times2 timeHeat Sink Temp. HighOff
63Cond. Pipe Sensor Temp. LowCond. Pipe Sensor Temp. LowCond. Pipe Sensor Temp. Low6 times 3 time Cond. Temp. LowOff
65Heat Sink Sensor (Open/Short)6 times5 TimesOpen / Short circuitOff
67Outdoor BLDC Fan Lock6 times7 timesFan Motor/Circuit ProblemOff
73PFC Fault Error (S/W)7 times3 timesInverter PCB input current is over
48A (Peak) for 2ms
105Comms. Error (Main board ↔Fan
6 times5 timesPoor/Loss of CommunicationOff

LG Ac – Universal Split Fault Codes Sheet

Fault code 01

Is a fault with the Indoor unit return air Thermistor
Unplug the Thermistor from the PCB and Check its resistance check against this graph:

Alternatively the sensor can be tested while still connected to the PCB measure the DC voltage across the
resistor and check it against the graph below.

Fault code 02

Is a problem with the Indoor unit coil inlet Thermistor
Unplug the Thermistor from the indoor PCB and Check its resistance against this graph:

Alternatively the sensor can be tested while still connected to the PCB measure the DC voltage across the
resistor and check it against the graph below.

Fault Code 03

This indicates a wiring error between the remote controller and the fan coil, this is most common in group control
applications where more than 1 fan coil is connected to a single remote controller.
Firstly check the wiring has been done correctly see below.

Next check the switch in the back of the remote controller, it has to be set to Group or GR1 for group control,
the Factory setting is Single or SG, after setting the switch reset the power for 2 minutes. If the fault does not
clear, check the Voltage of the remote controller cable.

The Red cable is 12 Vdc
The Brown or Black cable is Ground or 0 Vdc
The Yellow is signal (Comms.)
Voltage across the Brown/ Black cable and the Red, this
should be 12 Vdc
Voltage from Yellow to Brown/Black this should be
fluctuating between 8 – 12 Vdc.

Fault Code 04

Fault code CH04 indicates that the float switch of the fan coil has risen.
On fan coils without a drain pump it indicates that the jumper (blue plug with 30mm of blue wire) in terminal
CN FLOAT is missing.
If the fan coil is running and the float rises it will take 3 ½ minutes for the fault to show on the controller, this is
to give the unit time to pump excess water away. Once the float falls, (or the jumper is put back into the board)
it will not be possible to clear the fault for 40 seconds. It is considered good practice to reset the power to
clear this fault code in lg ac.

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