Is your online parcel empty?

Be careful while shopping from an e-commerce website: Is your online parcel not empty too?

online shopping? Do you like it too? You must be waiting for Big Discounts on Big Brands. If you get a good discount on the product you need when you think of ordering as soon as possible. Amazon’s The Great Indian Festival sale, Flipkart’s Big Billion Days, was going on or is about to start. Many people eagerly wait for it. And this time too many people would have taken advantage of the discount. Everyone wants to get a good product at a cheap price be it mobile or laptop.

But just imagine how would you react?If you order the first iPhone of your life but you get an empty box instead of an iPhone.

It’s obvious that your excitement will be spoiled. Also, your trust in that e-commerce website will be less. Maybe due to fraud Next time you do not order anything from that e-commerce website.

Today in our article we have covered some such online shopping products delivery frauds.

Is someone tampering with your online parcel?

E-commerce websites are always in discussion, sometimes huge discounts on products and sometimes about service.
The reason for the buzz of e-commerce websites at this time is online parcel tampering.
Yes, this is happening with many customers. While someone is ordering a mobile phone but stone or soap is found in a parcel.

So the biggest question is, how can this happen? Who is tampering with your parcel?

When you order a product from any e-commerce website, it is a long process till the order is placed and the product is delivered to you.
Which consists of many steps. Many people are in the process of delivering parcels from the reseller to the customers after placing the order.

The question is who is going to do this? Is it an e-commerce company or a reseller or delivery agency?

Video Credit : Mr. Pawan Kumbhare who smartly caught the online fraud from Amazon.

First, let’s talk about the company. Can any big e-commerce company like Flipkart, Amazon do this?

Customers buy products from well-known e-commerce sites. These include Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. Whenever the parcel is tampered with or the wrong product is delivered, we are the first to blame the e-commerce company.
When the wrong product gets delivered, the customer consider that the e-commerce company is solely responsible for the fraud. As we mentioned earlier that there are many steps from ordering the product till it is delivered. Most importantly no major e-commerce company would definitely want to spoil its reputation and brand name.

But yes it is understood that there is probably some deficiency in the delivery model of the company. The e-commerce company may not have a strong control policy regarding the delivery issue. But the company has no direct connection with the parcel tampering.

The next possibility is that the reseller does not dispatch the original order product?

With the increase in the craze of online shopping, many small sellers also joined the online platform. Many such small and big resellers are associated with Amazon Flipkart.
Nowadays it has become so easy to digitize your business. This is the reason why the number of resellers on e-commerce websites has grown exponentially. But some such resellers also joined who are using the online platform in the wrong way.
Sometimes such resellers send duplicate or cheap quality products to the customers. Because of this, the credibility of many big e-commerce companies getting reduced.

Not every reseller does such frauds. As for the growth of their business it is important to stay connected with the e-marketplace.

So is it the fault of the delivery agency or the delivery agent?

Whenever a customer receives a wrong product or a broken product, his first reaction is towards the e-commerce website. But we do not pay attention to the delivery system.

Nowadays due to covid, people open online parcels only after sanitizing. So the cases of tampering with online parcels have also increased.

You will also find many such cases around you. For example, if someone ordered a hard disk, he got an empty box or a soap bar on ordering an iPhone.In most such cases, it was the delivery agent who tampered with the online parcels of the customers.

It is worth noting that fraud has come to the fore only with online parcels of expensive products like mobile phones, laptops, hard disks, etc. The delivery agent opens the packaging of the parcel online, takes out the product and repacks it, and delivers it to the customer.

Sometimes the customer feels that the packing of the product is bad. But there are many customers such that they do not pay attention to the packing of online parcels. Many delivery agencies are working with e-commerce companies. In such a situation, it is most important to pay attention to which agency’s delivery agent is doing this.

What should you do if such fraud happens to you too?

  • If this happens to you then you should first file a complaint on the helpdesk of the e-commerce company with the details of the delivery agency and the delivery agent.
  • If you had made a video while taking delivery of the product, then you should send it to the company. Also, post this video on your social media account as well.

Below are the helpline numbers of some of the sites on which you can call and register your complaint.



SnapDeal-092126 92126

  • In case of discrepancy in online purchase, complain to District Consumer Forum, State Consumer Commission or National Consumer Commission.

Consumers can complain about fraud in online shopping on the forum in the following manner:

  1. You can register a complaint on the official website of the Consumer Forum.
  2. Call on toll-free number 14404 or 1800-11-4000.
  3. Via SMS on this number: 8130009809

What should you keep in mind while receiving an online parcel?

Whenever you do online shopping, you should take care of some small things. Especially when you are getting the product from the delivery agent.

  • If you have ordered expensive electronic products, you should make a video while you pick up the product from the delivery agent.
  • Many customers do not pay attention to the packing of their parcels online. Keep in mind that whenever you take an online parcel, check if there was any tampering with its packing.
  • If you feel that the parcel is not properly then open it in front of the delivery agent.
  • Also, keep the details of the delivery agent, his contact number, the name of the delivery agency, the address all noted down. Whenever ordering a product, not only on discounts but also see product rating, product review, etc.
  • When shopping online, also pay attention to the rating of the reseller. Because good and certified resellers do not cheat the customers.

Whenever you do any online purchase, do only from popular and trusted sites. So now, whenever you shop online, keep the above-mentioned things in mind and make your online shopping experience better.

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