Is the Emotions Recognition Tool completely reliable?

AI technology is developing very fast. It has made a tremendous impact on the human mind and life. Its use is increasing due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Schools, colleges, offices are running online due to Covid. In such a situation, the student is understanding whether or not the employees can work or not. That’s why some companies are developing Emotions Recognition Tools. So that teachers and employers can understand the feelings of students or employees. And also be able to keep an eye on them.

But here the question is of the credibility of Emotions Recognition Tools. How accurately will these tools be able to recognize human emotions? These tools will record the facial expressions of people and tell the inner state of the human mind based on that. Like if someone has a smile on his face, then he is happy. Or if there are tears in the eyes, then sad.The use of ‘ERT’ has started in a big way.

What is Emotion Recognition Tool ?

Emotion Recognition Tool is a technique that detects emotions by facial expressions. In this technique, the video camera records the facial gestures of the person and then detects the works on AI technology. In ERT , you can record facial expressions like anger, happiness, sadness, hate, etc. At present this technique is being used in job interviews, in classrooms, in the police department.

The research was done on Emotions Recognition Tools,whether it can fully understand the feelings of human beings or not? Research has found that there can be a difference between facial expressions and real human emotions. Since it gives the result by recording the expressions of the face. That’s why the emotion recognition tool is not completely reliable. Sometimes a person also behaves contrary to his feelings.

For example, if an employee doesn’t like something in a project, even the one to whom he can’t express his true feelings.

ERT technology is in a lot of controversies. Some experts are considering it as a threat to the freedom of is necessary to control. There is also a problem that there is no mechanism to control this technology. However, for the first time, European Union has started an initiative for this.

By the way, this technology is very advanced. But you cannot completely rely on it. In this, it will be a little difficult to recognize inner feelings through facial expressions. ERT will have a direct impact on the lives of human beings, that’s why an effective system is necessary for this, which monitors it.

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