Is it really important today that your business should be digital?

Businesses in lockdown have become very tough, with no personal meets & greet many businesses are feeling lost in the current scenario. It’s a common phenomenon that When small businesses get started, their focus is often on how to get their first group of customers through the door. They may rely on traditional forms of advertising, such as print ads and even big signs on the side of the road. They may trust that since they know they offer a good product or service, it’s only a matter of time until customers will find their way to them.

While this strategy may have worked previously and you may have got a client for your businesses, but there is a better and easier way. Today small businesses should consider the huge marketplace of prospects online. No small business, no matter how new or how old, should not overlook this vast marketplace. Digital Marketing in India has grown exponentially since the last decade now. According to a report, Approximately 1.7 billion users search every day on google, and the total number of searches every sec is 63000 which amounts to 5.6 billion searches every day and 2 trillion searches per year. (Source: thereviewstories )

It is the open truth now that the group of potential customers that you find online is more than you are likely to be able to acquire locally. Using Online Marketing, you can reach a bigger audience in a way that is both cost-effective and efficient. It is estimated that you can lose almost as much as 60% of business by not being active digitally.

Key benefits of digital marketing:

  • Ability to interact with your potential clients and learn exactly what they are looking for.
  • Reaching Global.
  • Saving money and reaching more customers with effectively low cost.
  • Knowledge of your audiences and allowing them to know who you are.

It is now the old-fashioned notion that you open a business at a specific location and people will visit you with just word-of-mouth publicity. Digital presence is the new thing and it gives you an edge over your competitors. There are many digital marketing examples in India where businesses have flourished and thrived just by being online.

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What is stopping you?

A lot of businesses & establishments today believe that they don’t have the time or money to compete online. They think that they are still learning the ins and outs of business in general. Many of them may prefer to take things slowly and to stick with one or two basic forms of advertising, assuming that their business will evolve as time passes.

Many even think the best strategy is simply to wait for customers to show up. Since they are a small business, they may think they only need a small number of customers. This is not an effective approach. There is never a guarantee that your business will attract customers just by existing and even if it does, you may not attract as many customers as you need to make your business become profitable. You can always look up many examples in your vicinity who have established their brand marketing with the help of tools and some digital marketing. There are a number of guides and self-help blogs available online to guide you through the entire process or you can even consult a digital marketing firm in your city for support.

Customers are more online than in a market.

In this new world with Lockdown and social distancing, many of your customers are online and prefer to buy products or services online. As it’s very safe and convenient for them. This is how people do business today. When someone has an interest in your business or if they are curious about your brand, the first thing they are going to do is research online and see what they can find out about you. According to a report, India is the second-largest online market in the world as it comprises 560 million users. (Source:

So, it’s very natural that if a potential customer cannot find you online, they may conclude that your business doesn’t appear to be legitimate. There is a very good chance that a lot of these prospects may decide not to take your business seriously and they will quickly head towards someone who has a website and online presence. Once they have made this decision, they probably will never come back.

Connecting with customers

When you are active digitally you are not just bounded by four walls of your premises. You can reach and can be traced by your customers 24×7. When you are available online, the scope of your business can grow exponentially. You are able to attract a much larger audience than you possibly can with the help of digital marketing tools.
At their own convenience, customers and clients can send you emails with questions, make purchases and check your inventory. Potential customers who have no way to physically come to you can still do business with you if it is a lockdown situation or if they live far away in a different city, state, or even country.

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Who is your customer?

Digital presence gives you a chance to interact with your audience. You get to know their needs. On social media or on a blog you can start a conversation. Run a survey or try to get to understand them.

By interacting with people on digital platforms, from their comments or reviews on your blogs or posts or websites you can get an idea as to what they are looking for. What is their need? or What is keeping them up at night? What solutions can you offer them? Instead of trying to guess, digital presence allows you tools and methods to find out who your customers really are. Tools like Google Analytics or Keyword Planners help you improvise your online presence.
In this way, you build a relationship with your customers. You can slowly become much more than just a business. You can become a trusted partner. People are much more likely to buy from businesses that they have already bought from or the businesses that are recognized digitally.

Compared to traditional advertising and promotional services Digital media and Digital Marketing in India has tremendous potential to reach new clients and customers that you can never reach via traditional media. The coming years will be crucial for your business to become a successful brand. If you use these tools creatively you have the potential to grow beyond the vision of what you have seen for your business. The unlock phase in India will see a rise in the digital presence of many potential businesses and customers online. Just make sure that you are not left out and lose the piece of the cake.

Gaurang Diwe

Gaurang Diwe is an entrepreneur, trainer and a communicator, with more than 7 years in the field of writing. He is passionate about new technologies. He's worked for number of organizations in past before starting his own start-up. He likes to read and write. He also trains new graduates for Personality Training and Soft Skills.