Install RHEL 9 in Windows 10

Redhat enterprise Linux is a one of the popular flavor of Linux operating system. RHEL 9 is widely accepted and used by the tech giant. Linux is one of the secure and stable operating system. RHEL 9 is a latest version of Redhat enterprise Linux.

In this article we will explain you how to install RHEL 9 in windows 10.

In order to perform installation you should have following prerquisite.

  1. Preinstalled Windows 10 Machine
  2. Oracle VM VirtualBox
  3. RHEL 9 ISO image

Here is the step by step tutorial to install Install RHEL 9 in Windows 10

  1. Download Oracle Virtual BOX from following link —

2. Install Virtual Box in Windows 10

3. Download RHEL 9 ISO image from

Note : You will be required credentials to download the RHEL 9 ISO image, Create an account if you don’t have already.

4. Open Oracle Virtual BOX from windows 10 and click on NEW button highlighted in below.

5. Add Name for your OS, Memory etc.

6. Click on Next and move to storage to finish this wizard.

Note : Keep default select for Virtual Hard disk, Hard disk file type and storage on physical Hard drive.

7. You can increase the file for allocating hard drive, I will suggest it to make it 25GB.

8. Once you click on create button it will create instance with RHEL 9.

9. Now click on Settings button and perform following settings.

a. Go to Settings > Storage > Storage Devices > Controller : IDE and click on empty.

b. Now go to Attributes > Optical Drive : Choose or Create a virtual optical disk.

c. Click on Add Button and select the RHEL 9 Image.

10. To enable internet and network to your VM follow below steps.

Settings > Network > Attached to : Bridged Adapter and click on OK.

Now your VM is ready, You can click on start button and initiate the installation and start the RHEL 9 in windows 10.

11. To install Packages through YUM utility, perform following.

  a. sudo subscription-manager register –username {RHN-USER} –password {RHN-PASSWORD} –auto-attach

b. sudo subscription-manager registerauto-attach

c. yum update OR dnf update

Please let us know in comment if you have any queries on this article.

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