How to take screenshots on a laptop windows 10?

Are you using a third-party app to take screenshots in Windows10 ? or you don’t know how to take screenshots? Don’t worry I will tell you in this article.

In order to take the screenshot you need not required to have any specific software these methods are inbuilt into the Windows10.

Method 1: Using Game Bar

Follow below procedure :-

  1. Press Windows + G ( together) from your keyboard.

2. Click on capture button.

3. Click on Take Screenshot; Shortcut key for this option is windows+alt+prt scr

Method 2: Using Windows Shortcut key

If you notice in your keyboard it has prt scr button on the top right on your keyboard, this button is used for taking screenshots of your screen. it is a print screen button that will store the screenshot on your laptop.

Follow below procedure :-

  1. First, open the screen which you want to take a screenshot
  2. Press Windows + prt scr to take the screenshot
  3. the screenshot will automatically store on your laptop.

Method 3: Using snipping tool

Snipping tool is a inbuilt app in Windows10 system which will help you to take the screenshot of your desire area.

Follow below procedure :-

  1. Click on windows key
  2. search for snipping tool

3. Click on New and select the area where you want to take the screenshot.

I hope this article is useful for you, If yes share it with your friends, and do let me know your view in the comment section also view the previous article – Click here

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