How to share Fake Location on WhatsApp

Share Your fake location

You can share it on any social media app like WhatsApp Facebook, or telegram.

Just need a few settings and installation of an app.

completely free

We sometimes get unforeseen issues and are late for meetings in our professional or personal life. Now that we have advanced technology and updated mobile phones so people usually ask to reveal their live location on WhatsApp. So that they can see where we are. In case you don’t like people to know where you are, what should you do??? How can you send a fake location through WhatsApp??

So, Here is the process given for sending a false location to WhatsApp.

For how to send fake locations on WhatsApp, all you need to do is download the fake GPS location app and install it on your mobile.

  • Now open your phone settings
  • Go to additional settings
  • choose your fake GPS location app
  • Go back to check if the fak GPS location app is chosen for the mock location app
  • Now open a fake GPS location
  • Search any fake location which you want to show
  • Here in this example, I chose “dalsagar” seoni as a fake location
  • Click on the play button
  • Open your google map to check if this fake location is set
  • Now open your WhatsApp
  • Click on location
  • And just share the live location without any fear
  • No one can catch you 🙂

So try out the above steps and let us know how it worked for you. In case of any questions, just drop your comments.

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