How Do I Digitize My Business :

Technology has changed the way small businesses operate in the world. They are adopting new technology to digitize their business. currently, technology is the most vital topic in every field, which I want to cover in this column.
Small merchants can attract customers by constantly learning new digital tools, be it virtual meetings, conferencing, email, social media, blogging, online tutorials, etc. They can make marketing their products easier than ever.

Today everyone wants to develop their business whether it is small or big business. But the challenge lies with the vendors of the small or local market. So with this column, we will help you digitize your business.

Through this article, we are going to tell you about the methods of digital marketing or their tools.

So if you also want to make a global vendor from local, then you have to read the article completely.

Sales are important, but more important than that, whether the information about your product is reaching people or not. That’s why marketing strategies are most important in every business.

Today’s world is connected to the Internet, so it has become easy to grow your business. we are not going to tell you about hard work but smart work. There are many strategies you can adopt to grow your small-scale business. For example, you can take the help of creating a website or social media, or e-commerce website. etc.

How to digitize your local business???????

6 easy steps to make digitize your small business :

  1. Create Your own free website For Example,, etc.
  2. Create Your free business pages like- Google Business Page, Just Dial, India Mart, Alibaba, etc. 
  3. Become a re-seller in e-commerce websites: Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, Myntra, etc.
  4. Use Social media platforms: Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.
  5. Use mobile Payment Technology.
  6. Share Impressive details about your product on youtube.

Create your own free website to digitize your Business

  • Website Address:
  • Drag And Drop: Yes
  • Plan: Both Free and Paid
  • Mobile-Friendly Website: Yes

The Wix is a cloud-based website development platform. Which makes it easy for users to create a beautiful, and attractive website. With Wix, you can create high-quality user-friendly web designs for your business.

Wix is ​​the most popular of all the free websites and it is probably because of the drag and drop feature it offers. Currently, there are over 100 million websites on Wix. Signing up for Wix is ​​a simple task and within minutes your website is ready. After signing up you will be presented with several templates. Its most important thing is its professional template. Whether you are a restaurant owner or an artist, there will be something available for everyone.

It is important to note that by no means can free templates to satisfy you very much and therefore you may have to consider a paid plan. One more thing all Wix sites are fully responsive.

This means that whether the website is viewed on mobile or desktop, it will automatically adjust to it.

Paid plans can start from just $5 and go up to around $25 per month. Paid plans include adding a custom domain name, removing ads, increasing the storage limit, supporting famous personalities, and more.

Build your website with Wix now.

Zyro :
  • Website Address:
  • Drag And Drop: Yes
  • Plan: Both Free and Paid
  • Paid Plan: Starting with $4.67 (Note: Paid plans may change 
  • Mobile-Friendly Website: Yes

Zyro Website Builder, a simple solution for your website building projects. Despite being new to this business, Zyro is renowned for being an innovative and simple way to build a website relatively easily.
It is a platform for website-building that focuses on providing its users with an attractive and clean interface, providing easy-to-use tools for both editing and designing your business or personal website.
No coding or design skills are required to build a website with Zyro, the builder will do all the hard work by himself. Xyro also offers AI-based tools, from creating content to predicting the behavior of site visitors.

It’s easy to start website building with Zyro. First, pick a theme from their huge template gallery and choose the one that stands out for you. After that, you can customize anything you want with images, text, etc. Plus you can use Zyro’ss AI tools to generate design, content, and call-to-action buttons.

You will also receive an SSL certificate which is absolutely free and the possibility to choose from over a million stock photos in the builder directly from Unsplash. If you ever run into any issues, the Zyro 24/7 customer support team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.
There are two options for upgrading your account for more storage space and the ability to add your own domain. The first is the Basic plan, the Unleashed plan, the second is the E-commerce and Ecommerce Plus plan. Which unlock Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integration features, among other features.

Create Your free business pages :

Google Business Page:

How can I make my business page free? So the answer is to use Google My Business. Google My Business is a completely free website builder that lets you create a simple business page in minutes. there is no paid plan in google my business. The page you create is easy to create and edit from both a laptop and a mobile phone.

You don’t require to have a physical storefront to build your website with Google My Business. You can list your details to be displayed on Google. Whether you are running a boutique from home or any other business, you can register in Google My Business.
The most important point is that you get the page free from advt and branding.

Click here to create your Google business page.


You can use Justdial to increase your business. It is a local search engine of India. Justdial is an old telephone facility, but in modern times it’s website and app are also available.

You can take advantage of this facility through any medium such as website, app, or phone number (ie 88888888888).

You can list your business on Justdial for free and take advantage of this facility. There is no fee to be paid to register your business of any size. If you also want to register your business on Justdial click on this website address:

After registering your business in this app, it provides business category-wise information and location details to the people. To list your business for free, you have to fill in basic details like company or shop name, city, contact number, title, first name, etc. After submitting these details, within 24 hours you will get a message that your business has been registered on Justdial.

You can also increase the sales of your business by registering on this platform. Paid plans are also available in Just Dial, which you can use to lane your business in the top ranking. The paid plans have the option of Diamond Package, Gold Package, and Silver Package.


IndiaMART is the B2B market place of India. For over 25 years, Indiamart has been providing a platform to all types of businesses whether small, medium, or large. Whether you are a wholesaler or a retailer, this page is useful in all respects. You can register on the app anytime, if you are a wholesaler you will find many buyers on the platform. But if you are involved in the retail business then you will get good price products for your shop. You can create your profile on this website. With India, you can connect with the customer sitting at your home. There are more than 74 million products and services available in India.
You can take the help of the IndiaMART platform to do your business online. This is a good platform to increase the credibility and visibility of your business.

Become a re-seller in E-commerce websites:

There are 2 options for selling products online, either you can create your own website, or you can take the help of any e-commerce website already running in the market. The trend of shopping on e-commerce websites is increasing rapidly. Buyers got a new platform, as well as small and big sellers, also got a new channel to sell their products.

These are some famous e-commerce websites that you can use to digitize your business :

More than one lakh small and big sellers are doing business with Before selling your products, you have to decide the product category that you will sell. Then you have to register on the Amazon site. To sell products, first, you have to give information about your business, tax, and bank account. After registration, you can start selling products with easy steps.

  • Firstly, you can list the products one by one or in bulk. It will be easy to upload items in bulk with the web-based tool and you will be ready to sell the product.
  • After listing the products, customers can now view your products on Amazon’s Business. Amazon will help make the purchase and payment of products easier.
  • You will receive information via the e-mail that an order has been placed for your product. now,You have to pack your product and deliver it to the customer. You can take the help of Amazon Fulfillment Service and Amazon Easy Ship or FBA. In this process, Amazon will be responsible for packing and delivering the product.

Finally, in the last step, you will get payment from Amazon.Amazon transfers the payment to the seller’s bank account and informs via email.

Signup now to create your amazon business account on Amazon. in, and become a full re-seller. Click Here


Today we will give you information on this topic with Flipkart, how to digitize your business?


 Which will help you to do your business online on Flipkart. Flipkart is the largest e-commerce site in India. It has around 18.5 million users. Flipkart has emerged as a leader in the e-market. It has become the preferred platform for online shoppers. Flipkart sells various categories such as accessories, toys, baby care, games, books, dress material, electronics, home appliances, etc.

Providing a growth factor for small sellers, these platforms provide a fulfillment service model.

Creating a good customer experience in the initial phase will create an impact on the seller’s brand, which automatically affects the growth of the business.

Flipkart offers its own fulfillment service called Flipkart Advantage to sellers. By adopting this service, small sellers get a chance to display under a 30-day return policy along with the same-day and next-day delivery options of the product.

Flipkart offers a performance-based pricing strategy that encourages more and more small sellers to be a part of the rapidly growing e-commerce sector in India. There is no membership fee for any seller big or small in Flipkart, only registration is required, sellers have to list their products and start selling.

 Listing of products is free, and a commission is paid on each product sold. Small businessmen who want to sell their products on Flipkart should first become a member of Flipkart. 

Do you want to become a seller on Flipkart? Click here

Before deciding to sell a product on Flipkart, you need to have documents like PAN Card, VAT/TIN, Bank Account Number, Canceled Cheque, GST Registration, and Address Proof (e.g. Driving License, Voter ID and Passport, etc.) needed. These documents are required to become a seller with Flipkart.

Over the years, many retailers have registered themselves on the Flipkart online marketplace. With businesses going digital on the one hand, small sellers have the opportunity to reach thousands of consumers across the country, and on the other, a marketplace like Flipkart is offering service models that are specifically designed to help small sellers. 

So get yourself registered on Flipkart today and take steps to give a new direction to your business.


Setting up a business on a digital platform is quite easy with the Meesho app.

Once you start reselling with Meesho a lot of people start joining you and nothing can be better for your business than this. Meesho app allows starting an online business. The biggest advantage is that you can trade without any additional investment.

There is no fixed time limit and you do not need to go anywhere. This means you can sell your products from your shop or even from home.

With Meesho you can resell anytime, anywhere.

 Follow some of the below steps for resale:

  • Build your brand name which helps in attracting the customer.
  • Create pages on social media like Instagram and Facebook and group your business name on WhatsApp etc. Your name or logo is very important, make it attractive.
  • Create an account on Meesho with your business name and choose the best catalog for resale. Example bedsheets, girl’s clothes, sarees, shoes, jewelry, etc.
  •  You should set the prices of the products quite reasonably.
  • Add your profit and share product photos or videos in groups you’re connected to or create groups for your work.
  •  Start uploading reviews or feedback stories for better sales.
  • On receiving the order, on the Meesho app, enter the price that you have specified and the customer’s address and mobile number.

In the beginning, you may face some challenges in selling but if you continue with online business with Meesho then you will definitely move ahead.

You definitely need to sell good products to increase your business or brand name with your customers.

 Meesho also has the option of Cash on Delivery, which you can give to the customer.

To Grow Your Business & Start Selling With Meesho: Click Here

Use Social media platforms for digitizing business:

You too must be spending a lot of your time watching the story of people on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram. But have you thought that how you can use these platforms to grow and digitize your business?
So let us tell you today how you can use these platforms to your advantage. If you are also thinking of digitizing business, then have a look at this article.


Just imagine, do you get any output for the same amount of time you spend on social media platforms like Facebook? Is Facebook just a time pass for you? Especially when you are in a business.

  Just think! Can’t Use Facebook to Digitize Your Business Instead of a Time Pass?

Earlier Facebook was used only to make friends, find friends, update status. But now, Facebook has become a huge marketplace for small businesses as well. Marketing of any kind of business on Facebook has become very important. If you have advertised it properly, you can earn good money from Facebook.

It is necessary to create a Facebook business page to grow your business. And you can make this for free.

Through your Facebook business page, people will be able to tell about their business. Your Page explains your business details and products on Facebook so people can connect with you. Marketing on this platform helps you to stay connected with the new customer always.

Start talking about your business on the Facebook page. For this, you can write a post or post an image. You can also post about your business by making a video. There are many tools available on the internet which you can use at your convenience.

Create Facebook Business Page NOW for digitize your business: CLICK HERE

Along with creating a Facebook business page in the name of your brand, you can also create a Facebook group. Where you post about your business and gradually your community will increase. When you start understanding the Facebook audience, then you can do a paid marketing plan. For this, you have to run the ad keeping full attention on the Facebook ad (taking care of the click on CPC-cast).

Facebook gives you many features such as you can decide who you want to run your product or service for? Then what age, gender, region do you want to show? So you should also pay attention to your target audience and take your business from Facebook to a new level.

You also promote your business using the FB ads manager mobile application. with this app, You can easily post ads on Facebook and Instagram from your mobile.


Instagram is a free platform. Where you can post ads from your Instagram by creating a business account. You will also get information about how many people have seen which of your posts can improve your business.

Instagram Business Account.
  • You will already have an Instagram account, now you have to convert it to a business account.
  • Go to Edit Profile and click on Switch to Business Account.
  • Here you choose the category of the account and click on Next.
  • After that click on Go to Profile option. Your account will become a business account.
  • Promote your brand or product after creating a business account on Instagram. This will benefit your business.

You will have different accounts on Instagram. You can use the SayHype tool to post to all of these business-related accounts. By which photos, stories, videos, etc. can be posted on all accounts simultaneously.


If you do any business then you can convert your WhatsApp account to a Business WhatsApp account to connect with the customer. The business account is also free as a personal WhatsApp account and it has the facility to make your business communication easy. Whatsapp business account is not like your personal account.WhatsApp Messenger is so popular that many people also share business-related information through WhatsApp.

How to Create WhatsApp Business Account?

In WhatsApp Business account you get 3 interesting features:

  1.  Away Message: This is an automatic reply feature. When someone sends a message to you, this feature automatically sends a pre-set reply.
  2. Greeting Message – Another cool feature is that of Greeting Message.In which you can stay connected with your old customers. In this feature, you can save one message for 14 days.
  3. Quick Reply: There is a feature of Quick Reply which is available in. By which you can give information to many customers at once.

Some Useful WhatsappTool:

  • Even using the WA server tool, you can send messages, photos to many people simultaneously with WhatsApp. For this very few charges have to be paid.
  • Also using ‘WA Auto Responder Tool’  you can send automated response answers to multiple customer queries from WhatsApp.

Use a WhatsApp business account for your business and connect with new customers and digitize your business.

Use mobile Payment Technology:

online payment gateway

You can improve your business by using an online payment gateway.

Nowadays everyone pays through net banking, UPI payment app, debit-credit card. Mobile payment apps are increasing. You can also digitize your business by accepting payments from apps like Phone Pay, Google Pay, Paytm, BHIM, etc. Apart from this, WhatsApp is also being used to transfer money.

Razorpay app: is such a payment gateway from which you can easily accept payment from every mode. With this app, you can easily accept payment by creating a WhatsApp link and sending it to the customer. it will help you to digitize your business

Read the article to know more about Best online payment app. CLICK HERE

Share Impressive details about your product on YouTube:

Along with all these steps, you can also promote your business through YouTube.For this, you have to make and post videos of products related to your business. Pay attention to how you can reach the video to as many people as possible.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when uploading videos to YouTube:

  • Create a YouTube channel with your business name to digitize your business.
  • Videos of products must be clear and properly edited. For editing use a video editor like-Power Director,InShot, Kinemaster etc.
  • When posting a video, pay special attention to the thumbnail and title of the video, make them attractive so that people click on the video.
  • Keep posting videos about your products on YouTube regularly.
  • Also, provide business website addresses and product purchase links in the description with the video.
  • To increase subscribers on your YouTube business channel, send the link of the channel on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp as much as possible.

By following these simple steps, you can promote and digitize your business with the help of YouTube.

Online business allows spreading business across the country. It helps sellers to increase the brand value of their products.
Many small traders are using digital platforms and tools to grow their businesses. whether it is Meesho or Amazon, the number of site re-sellers is increasing rapidly. The easy policy of the government has also proved helpful in digitizing small businesses.
That is why you also need to digitize your business to join the global market.


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