Google Fun Tricks – Try Now

Wanna add a bit of entertainment to your online search? Then you should try these Google fun tricks. In addition to playing games, you can also make your search results page rotate and do much more. Continue reading this article and try those easy and fun techniques. Check out these humorous things you can ask Google to do for extra laughs.

Numbers to Words

If I give you a long-digit number, you might be able to read it. It will take some time even if you try reading that long digit number. Many people find it difficult to read long numbers. You know, the human mind is a bit lazy when it comes to reading difficult and complicated long numbers or words.
So you just need to type in any string of numbers with “=English” at the end as shown below in the image and Google will read it for you in seconds.

Calculate the Tip

Do you find it difficult to calculate the tip when you order something at a restaurant? Google has a solution for you, so don’t worry! Simply enter your bill number and “what is the tip for $___” into the Google search box. Google will then calculate a percentage for you to modify based on your generosity. It’s also ideal for friends to divide the cost!

Flip the Coin

Are you confused about making a decision? No worries! Just flip the coin .. ohh! You don’t have a coin ? Well, that’s completely fine because Google has everything.  Yes, it will flip the coin for you to resolve the question without facts. just type ” flip the coin’ in the Google search.

Get Specific file Type

Sometimes students look for pdf files regarding some topics. If you search for any topic then you will be bombarded with many suggestions on the page. It can be a long article or ads. To get a specific file type like doc or pdf, you just need to type in the topic name with the file type. An example is shown in the below image.

Download Copyrighted Images

Want to download and use a copyrighted image without any claim? Try the below steps. A creative commons licence is a permit given by the owner of the copyright to anybody in the world to use their work in any way that complies with that licence. In essence, Creative Commons licences are standard form licencing agreements that may be affixed to work to permit its use in specific situations without the need to get in touch with the creator or discuss the terms of use.

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