Flipkart offers Google Pixel 7a only at ₹9,999

Meet the Google Pixel 7a, our newest A-Series phone that offers all of Google’s convenience at a lower price. Titan M2, our dedicated security chip, and Google Tensor G2, our flagship processor, were used in its construction to make it faster, more effective, and more secure.

Many of our premium phones’ must-have features, such as Face Unlock, 8GB of RAM, an up to 90Hz Smooth Display, and wireless charging, are now for the first time accessible on an A-series phone with the Pixel 7a. The Pixel 7a offers the fundamental Pixel experience and costs 43,999.

A modern style that you adore

The Pixel 7a features the same recognisable Pixel camera bar and sculpted, smooth surfaces of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. Our most durable A-series model to yet, the Pixel 7a, sports a brand-new midframe architecture. And to further demonstrate our dedication to sustainability, the aluminium housing is produced entirely from recyclable materials.

Charcoal, Snow, Sea, and Coral are the four colours you can pick from to match your style. We’re even introducing Sea as a new colour for the Pixel Buds A-Series. Don’t forget to purchase a case designed specifically for the Pixel 7a for additional protection.

An A-series phone with more AI assistance

The AI-powered Pixel Call Assist features that make Pixel the finest phone for calls are all there in Pixel 7a:

Direct My Call : this allows you to browse menu selections and quickly reach the appropriate department when calling businesses.

Call Screen lets you know who is calling and why so you may decide whether to answer.

Hold for Me keeps an eye on the queue for you and alerts you when the representative is available.

Clear Calling lowers background noise while enhancing the caller’s speech.

Wait Times give you an anticipated wait time when contacting a business.

Additionally, it has all of the Tensor G2-powered Pixel Speech features, including Voice Typing Assistant, Live Translate, Recorder Speaker Labels, and Voice Messaging Transcription on the Messages app.

A modernised camera system

The Pixel 7a’s camera technology has been substantially updated to deliver great camera features to more people. It has been rated as the finest smartphone camera under Rs. 50000. With a 72% bigger sensor than the Pixel 6a, the phone’s improved main camera can capture 44% more light. Additionally, it includes a brand-new 13-megapixel ultrawide lens so you can take pictures with more detail. Additionally, Night Sight is twice as quick as on the Pixel 6a.

Even the brand-new front camera, with its 13 megapixels, can record 4K video. Additionally, the Pixel 7a has long exposure for the first time on an A-series camera, which may lend texture and excitement to pictures of moving objects like waterfalls. To top it all off, the Pixel 7a comes with Super Res Zoom up to 8x thanks to Tensor G2, ensuring that you never miss a detail when capturing pictures from a distance.

You will also receive all of the Google Photos features like Photo Unblur and Magic Eraser that make pixel, Pixel. Additionally, the Real Tone feature in your Pixel’s camera ensures that your skin tone is truly portrayed.

Lunch Price

The starting pricing for the Google Pixel 7A in India is 43,999. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that today we’re going to inform you of a promotion that will enable you to purchase the pixel 7a for just ₹9,999

How does the Google Pixel 7a cost ₹9,999 get purchased?

Offering pixel 7a as part of a mega-deal for just ₹9,999. The discount on the Pixel 7a is ₹34,000.

What’s the deal, exactly?

On Google Pixel 7a, there is a straight discount of ₹34,000 that may be used without a card or discount coupon. After discounts, the price of the Google Pixel 7a 128GB/8GB is ₹9,999.

Google Pixcel 7a

You are entitled to a ₹34,000 return if your iPhone is in good condition. You will also receive a bonus of Rs 4,000 from Flipkart.

After that, the Google Pixel 7a price would be lowered to ₹9,999. If you are thinking about purchasing a Google Pixel 7a, this is likely the best deal available, so don’t miss out on this chance.

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