Enable VT-x in your BIOS security settings

This issue generally faced by the android developer when they start developing new android app.

While Android App development, developer need to test the App into the virtual device in order to confirm whether App is working or not.

Here is a case where I have started the development of an android application and failed to create it due to the same issue this I have started troubleshooting this issue.

When you came across any issues firstly read the error message, in my case error message is

First confirm whether virtualization is enable in your system.

Go to RUN and type “msinfo32” and hit OK

Once you opened this you will able to view the windows where you can see if visualization is enable.

If NO, You need to enable it.

Steps to Solve the issue :

  1. Restart Your Machine.
  2. Come into the Boot Screen Area.

Procedure : Press F2 or F10 when screen in blank during restart windows.

You will able to see your boot screen , In my case F2 is use to enter into boot screen.

  1. Go to Advance Tab from the boot screen.
  2. Select CPU Configuration.
  3. Enable Virtualization technology.

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