Connect Wifi Without Password

One of the most popular network connections for smartphones is Wi-Fi, which can help you avoid paying for unnecessary data usage. The majority of the time, when you join a Wi-Fi network, the password is automatically saved, and any time your device is within range of the network, it connects to it.

You might forget it if you don’t use a password every time to access the Wi-Fi network. Therefore, utilizing a QR code makes it simple for you to access the Wi-Fi network or provide someone else access to it using a different device.

so Below steps will show you how to share your Wi-Fi connection with other devices without putting password. so Any smartphone running Android 10 or later can use this guide.

for example you have two mobiles. One (A) is connected to the wifi and you want to connect the other device (B) without putting the password.

Connect Wifi Without Password

  • Open the device A
  • Go to wifi
  • Tap on the connected wifi
  • It shows the QR code

Now open the device B

similarly go to Wifi settings
And on the right top corner you would see QR scanner (the option may differ from device to device,it will be available under wifi settings option)

please note that the above snapshots were taken from xiaomi mobile phones

  • Click on it to scan the device A QR code
  • Once scanning is done, wifi will be connected

Mostly public places like restaurants , cafes and hotels are providing free wifi. It’s a great way to provide Hassel free experience to the customers. The owners can put the wifi QR code at the cash counter to make it easily accessible for the users.

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