Australian Government to Introduce New Legislation Against Online Trolls

The Australian Government is in the process of introducing some of the world’s toughest laws for online trolls, experts focus on defamation and say that it does not help control the rate of online and cyberbullying.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that he would propose to Congress this week a bill to encourage social media companies to identify anonymous trolling accounts and provide a way to sue for defamation.

Under law, the law requires social media companies to collect personal information from current and new users and allows courts to access their identities and initiate defamation proceedings.

It is unknown which personal information will be collected, but there is evidence that it contains a phone number, email address, and user contact name. In a major review, the law also shifts responsibility for defamation posts from the organization that operates the site, such as a news organization, to the social media company itself.

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Morrison said on Sunday that he wanted to ensure consistency between real-world rules and rules on the Internet.
According to the law, social media companies are required to set up complaint procedures for online trolls. This allows people to request the removal of content if they believe it is defamatory to them.

If the post is not deleted, the user can request the personal information of the person who posted the content.
If they do not agree to release, they can issue an injunction to force the company to release and give complacency the opportunity to sue for defamation.

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