Absolutely Free Vocal Remover

Looking to create karaoke tracks from your favorite songs? There’s no need to buy expensive software or hire a professional studio engineer! This absolutely free vocal remover will help remove vocals from a song, allowing you to create karaoke tracks that are perfect for sing-alongs. Using the application is simple: just upload the song that you want to create karaoke for, and the application will do the rest. In a matter of seconds, you’ll have a vocal-free track that you can use for your next karaoke party. And best of all, the application is completely free to use!

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Free Vocal Remover


Go to google and type vocal remover

Click on the first link

Click on “Browse My Files”

Select Files option

select the song you want to choose

The Audio processing may take up to a minute, please wait patiently

Now it’s ready on the screen to play with vocals or without vocals

Enjoy your music

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